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Hello Friends in Servas!

The newest Issue of Servas International News is here. Read it at http://www.servas.org/siexco/images/2/2f/ServasNews_Jan-Feb-2012.pdf



Author: United States Servas, Inc.

Servas is a worldwide cooperative cultural exchange network established in 1948 and composed of member hosts and travelers working together to foster peace, goodwill and mutual respect. Servas seeks to realize these aims by providing opportunities for person-to-person contacts between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our mission includes providing approved US and international travelers with opportunities to be guests of Servas member hosts around the world.

2 thoughts on “Servas International

  1. Hi,
    I have been a Servas member since the 90s and I just love the organization and the travel and hosting experiences I have had through Servas. I’m curious to know the extent to which Servas has grown technologically. Can memberships be renewed online? Can host lists be accessed online via a password, pehaps? Could Letters of Inttoduction be uploaded and online for availability to hosts (along with the paper copy brought by travelers)?
    These are both questions and suggestions at the same time. I was thinking of renewing my membership soon and thought it would be so much easier if I could do it online.
    Thanks for being such an awesome organization!
    Julia Mell

    • Hi Julia,
      Answering in my capacity as an interviewer, it is now possible to sign up on the us servas website: http://usservas.org/Membership/index.php?Page=Registration
      To update a current membership or to renew, log-in to the network. You can get a password, if you have never logged in before, from the office or by clicking here:
      Many countries are allowing their host lists to be sent in a pdf, so as before, ask the office for the host listings of the region you want to visit.
      I always advise people I approve as travellers to scan their LOI into a computer and to keep an email copy of it. I advise them to send the emailed copy to hosts when sending inquiries, this way the host can see that the person is approved and also learn a bit about them, which I think is more comfortable than having to ask or be asked to present an LOI after a long journey. Also, this is good back-up for lost items! (I keep a scanned copy of my passport in my email, also.)
      Hope that helps! And, as always, the office is always standing by and ready to help answer any questions 🙂

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