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US Servas Newsletter!


Hello Friends,

It’s Spring! That means it’s time for our Spring 2012 Edition of Open Doors, the US Servas quarterly newsletter. It is available now and you can catch up on the latest by clicking the link below. Enjoy!


-The Blogger Staff


Author: United States Servas, Inc.

Servas is a worldwide cooperative cultural exchange network established in 1948 and composed of member hosts and travelers working together to foster peace, goodwill and mutual respect. Servas seeks to realize these aims by providing opportunities for person-to-person contacts between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our mission includes providing approved US and international travelers with opportunities to be guests of Servas member hosts around the world.

6 thoughts on “US Servas Newsletter!

  1. Greetings to all from Downeast Maine:

    I have just hosted a couple of terrific SERVAS folks, John Gunther who is on our SERVAS board and Susan Deer Cloud! What terrific times we had together, sharing my Maine with them and taking them down to the other Acadia over to Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor. M
    ost folks only get to the Mount Desert area of Acadia Nat’l Park!

    • MJ is a great host, and we learned an incredible amount about the Acadia area from someone who grew up there in “the old days” and whose relatives have left their mark all over the place. We also stayed with Heidi Welch and Pattie Tierney who treated us royally despite having other issues to deal with. Our thanks to both households for enriching our return to Acadia

    • Oh, John and I just noticed that you posted the above, MJ. Your showing us your island country and telling us the history and stories of “the other Acadia” was magical for us. Thank you again for extending so much kindness to John and myself … someday those days and nights will be a part of my poetry. By the way, since we were with you I have joined U.S. SERVAS, and a couple of weeks ago I had my first SERVAS guests … two brothers, Radik and Pawel, from Poland. What a beautiful visit with them … so much shared storytelling and laughter … I could not have asked for a more perfect experience with SERVAS than with those gentlemen and their “high spirits,” fine and perceptive intelligence, and wild sense of humor.

  2. John, we are getting old enough that we are talking about the “old days”!

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