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Meet Becky!

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 Becky is an Area Representative, Interviewer and Host! Visit her in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

What is your Servas background?   I have been a host for near 20 years enjoying about 150 guests from many different countries over the world in that time. I have never had the time and money to travel as much as I would like, but I’ve been able to bring the world to me with the many wonderful Servas visitors who have stayed at my home. This had a big influence on my kids growing up. They interacted with a diversity of people from many different countries that wouldn’t have been possible without this program.

How long you have been an interviewer?  Eight years about.

Where have you traveled?  Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Jamaica, New Zealand, England, Europe, Japan.

What is one great memory you have from Servas (as a traveler, host, or interviewer)?  One time I was very busy hosting a Sierra Club meeting at my house when a Servas traveler from Germany called about a visit. I had no room but he only needed a place to park his VW camper. Wolfe came to our Sierra Club meeting, and met the Fl Chapter Chair, Joan. After a whirlwind romance, they later married and have traveled the world doing Servas since than. They have told their “how we met through Servas” story many times in many different countries over the years.

What hobbies do you enjoy?   Hiking, biking, gardening, reading, environmental activism, healthy cooking, kayaking.
What is one of your favorite quotes?  If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.

Why are you involved with Servas, and why do you think that Servas is important?   Nothing is more important than working for peace. Breaking down those barriers of culture, religion, country of origin, is not just vital to awakening a new world consciousness, but it is a blast, too. It just doesn’t get better than having really meaningful experiences with fun people. Laughing. Sharing a glass of wine and a meal. Seeing my home and country through different eyes. Learning a bit about how people live in other, far flung parts of the world.


Author: United States Servas, Inc.

Servas is a worldwide cooperative cultural exchange network established in 1948 and composed of member hosts and travelers working together to foster peace, goodwill and mutual respect. Servas seeks to realize these aims by providing opportunities for person-to-person contacts between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our mission includes providing approved US and international travelers with opportunities to be guests of Servas member hosts around the world.

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