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Traveler Utilizes Servas to Enhance International Volunteer Work

“People who work and live together can not view each other as enemies.” –Darleana McHenry

Darleana McHenry has used the Servas model to enrich her service work in developing countries around the world. She is currently launching a project in Ethiopia, supporting local teachers, and developing peace and understanding through cultural exchange.

Thanks, Darleana, for your kind words and good works!

You can follow Darleana on her blog:



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Our Second U.S. Servas Peace Initiative!

Hi Friends!

We just wrapped our Second U.S. Servas Peace Initiative earlier this week. We had about half a dozen people give blood through our local blood bank’s Bloodmobile. We feel like we were successful and hope to host another Blood Drive in the future.


The Bloodmobile parked in our office parking lot, Arcata, CA.

We encourage you to donate blood if you are physically able through your local blood bank or set up your own volunteer peace project. Helping others spreads peace and friendship, which are the two main goals of Servas!

Happy holidays!

The US Servas Staff