U. S. Servas

promoting world peace one conversation at a time…


For more than 60 years, United States Servas has been bringing international hosts and travelers together. A  place to stay, friendship to begin, ideas to be exchanged, cultures to be shared, and world peace one conversation at a time: these are the reasons why you are invited join us.

U.S. Servas members are host and travelers of all ages, abilities and walks of life. Our more than 1500 hosts cover the whole spectrum of diversity. Through Servas’ enlightening visits, participants come face to face with new peoples and cultures to further their understanding of the lives and concerns of others. Your participation and the friendships you’ll discover can make a difference in your life and the world you live in.

In addition to the benefits of traveling and hosting, Servas also provides volunteer opportunities, hosts local gatherings and dinners, and sponsors national and international conferences, summer universities, and work camps.

Servas staff and volunteers have developed a wonderful worldwide hospitality network. The seeds of this “open door” concept were sown in 1948 by U.S. peace activist Bob Luitweiler during his four-year journey from the folk schools of Denmark, through war-torn Europe and the Near East, to India’s ashrams.

For more information please visit our website, www.usservas.org

U.S. Servas, Inc. was recognized by the U.N. as an official affiliated organization in 1998. It is an independent non-profit, non-political group, and is not associated with any religious or governmental agency.


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